The treatment of gonorrhea inferior genitals

When treating gonorrhea attention should be aimed not only at eliminating the infection, but also to increase the body's defenses to combat it.
When gonorrhea lower section of urinogenital bodies must first of all take care of prevention, bubbling gonorrhea, i.e. about the spread of the infection outside the internal OS, and also to the bladder and kidneys.
With this purpose the patient first of all prohibited sexual life, desirable in bed. You must carefully keep it clean linen, equipment and arms. You should apply the washing of external genitals twice a day (morning and evening) with a weak solution of potassium permanganate 1 : 5000), or apply sitting baths. In the acute period of local treatment is not conducted shown only lotions same solution of potassium permanganate; in subacute and chronic stages - lubricating affected areas with a solution of protargol or colloid (3-5%), syntomycin emulsion, solvents Liapis (1-3%).
In parallel with the local treatment of vulvita, is the treatment of other foci of infection, if any, - vestibulitis, urethritis, vaginitis, endocervicitis. It is the local application of the above-mentioned drugs in various forms (washing, lubricating, injection), as well as in the local application of sulfanilamidami and antibiotics. In some cases it becomes effective vaccine therapy (in particular, with endocervicitis).
The vaccine therapy when gonorrheal the endocervicitis most clinicians recommend regionarna: in the thick of the cervix or under the mucous membrane of the cervical canal. Apply generally, average dose of 550 million microbial bodies, gradually bringing to 600 million
The use of sulfa drugs indicated for the treatment of gonorrhea in the cervical canal. Are used, for example, large doses norsulfazola on 1,0 every 4 hours, the course-the 18 - 20,
Treatment with antibiotics and sulfa drugs is shown in all forms of gonorrhea inferior genitals.