The treatment of gonorrhea top genitals

If, despite the measures taken, the infection has spread to the upper parts of the urogenital organs, first of all, the patient must be hospitalized, as at home, even with bed rest, proper treatment impossible.
The success of treatment depends on early diagnosis, timely and correct treatment when required abstinence from sexual life.
In the acute period of gonorrhea upper parts of the genitals, as well as at exacerbation of inflammatory processes with fever, pain, peritoneal symptoms patients are prescribed bed rest during all febrile period. All local manipulations are discarded, should be avoided and vaginal research, particularly instrumental, and douching vagina.
If there peritoneal symptoms appoint cold on the lower abdomen. Diet in the acute period of gonorrhea should be easily digestible and not irritate the gastrointestinal tract. For irrigation of the urinary tract appoint excessive drinking tea, milk, mineral water.
Uterine bleeding (cyclic or acyclic) shows the introduction of a 5% solution of chloride calcium better in micro, 1-2 times a day in a warm 50 ml
To mitigate the peristalsis and uterine contractions assign inside tincture Belladonnae 8-10 drops 3 times a day, and in severe pain is morphine or pantopon (2% - 1 ml) subcutaneously.
When bed-ridden patients often complain about the accumulation of gas and constipation. In such cases it is better to use hypertensive enemas (10% solution of salt-100 - 150 ml), but by a doctor.
When the acute effects subside - lowers the temperature, stops peritoneal symptoms will improve the overall health of the patient and it will begin to move, start local treatment centers gonorrhea.
Gradually heat absorbing treatment, first appointed compresses on the stomach, it is recommended until the patient is in a hospital, quartz lamp radiation lower abdomen.
Other common methods of treatment are applied autohemotherapy and vaccinotherapy, then chemotherapy and antibiotics.
Combined use of monovaccine, chemotherapy drugs (sulfonamides) and antibiotics (penicillin or streptomycin) simultaneously with local treatment is the best treatment for gonorrhea top genitals.
Especially effective treatment for gonorrhea antibiotics. Penicillin (400-600 000 IU a day) is one of the best drugs for the disease.
Elimination of resistance of gonococci to penicillin (especially with long-term use) promotes the use of other antibiotics (syntomycin, levomicetin biomitsin and others). We should not forget that when antibiotics should appoint vitamins and nystatin.
In chronic gonorrhea widely used resolving therapy, physiotherapy and health resort treatment.
All medical manipulations should be carried out by a doctor, and only on behalf of individual assignments can be performed by an experienced midwives and nurses.

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