Treatment wrong provisions of the uterus

First of all it should be noted that the wrong position of the uterus, as such, does not always require treatment. If they do not cause subjective complaints and functional disorders, the only one wrong position of the uterus is not an indication for treatment. The issue of treatment may occur in the presence of symptoms such as pain, frequent and painful urination, urinary incontinence, irregular menstruation, etc., Methods of treatment wrong provisions of the uterus can be conservative and surgical.
Conservative treatment of the mobile retroflexion of the uterus is to remedy this manual techniques and in registration of the uterus in a fixed position.
Gynecological chairs, in the normal position of the patient on his back, two fingers of his right hand, put in the vagina, exert pressure on the uterus from the back arch and strive to raise and bring the body of the uterus from the sacral depression. If you managed to do it, then the outer hand uterine body move to the pubic articulated joint. During the "outer" hand fingers introduced into the vagina, moving in front arch and exert pressure on the vaginal portion of the cervix in the posterior direction, giving the last normal position. Fixed position of the uterus is held entered into the vagina a pessary (Fig. 60 and 61). Properly selected and well put pessary hold the uterus in the normal position, does not disturb the patient.
Pessaries are made of hard rubber and celluloid. While wearing the pessary patients need daily to do douching, otherwise ring polluted uterine and vaginal discharge, resulting get fat around the ring and irritation of mucous membrane; in addition, patients should be periodically see a doctor to check the position of the uterus and make sure that no bedsores from the ring. You cannot use a pessary in the presence of Qatar vaginal and cervical erosions.
In those cases, when netraverse-inflexion of the uterus caused by loose binding on the soil of former inflammatory processes, can be tried gynaecological massage. When the dense scarring growths preferred surgical method of treatment, consisting in that after the destruction of adhesions the uterus, attach to the normal position by shortening the round ligament or fix it to the wall of the abdomen.
If retroflexa cancer developed in the result of infringement of an integrity of muscles of the pelvic floor, it must be restored by the relevant operations.
Treatment omissions and deposition of the uterus, in principle, also comes to the restoration of the history of pelvic floor combined with the correction of incorrect position of the uterus. For use of the rings and pessaries now seldom used, as may be complications (inflammation of the mucous lining, colpitis, scars and other) cause more suffering to the patients. Surgical methods are more reliable and currently safe.
Treatment eversion of the uterus that occurred in the postpartum period, is that vyvernutaja uterus carefully spravlyaetsya back and held entered in the uterus and vagina tampons. If eversion occurred on the basis of the one born from the uterus myoma node and after removing it yourself not spravilsya, and in this case, have recourse to the above reception.
If you do not, or if the eversion of old, we have to resort to surgery.
Treatment of twisting of the uterus can be only surgery (removal of tumors, the dissection of scars or removal of the uterus).