Treatment (therapia) - a set of measures aimed at eliminating the suffering of the sick person and restore health. Disease prevention and treatment are the main categories of medicine as a science and constitute the ultimate goal of theoretical and practical medicine.
Cause little success of therapeutic interventions in the past was often uncritical transfer of these experiences with healthy person on the patient; if the success of treatment of one disease, the same method of treatment has spread to other diseases; on the basis of results of experiments on healthy animals used the same methods on the sick person. It must be borne in mind that the therapeutic effect of the sick person responds differently than healthy that the reaction of the body to any stimulus for different diseases are very different, and sometimes opposite.
Assessment of therapeutic action of various therapeutic means and methods is the difficult task of medicine. The non-critical attitude to the primitive rule "post hoc ergo propter hoc (after this means that as a result") is the most frequent source of errors in treatment. It is also known that the relation of cause and effect is not direct, but indirect in any impacts on living organism, including medical.
To determine the therapeutic action of one or the other when the disease need to know the natural course of the disease, its duration and outcomes; in connection with the diversity of these data it is necessary to observe a large number of patients and display statistical indicators of the disease, the percentage of recovery or death, etc., With these initial data should compare the results obtained by L. particular method. Evaluation L. in acute diseases easier than for chronic diseases, often uncertain flow. In addition to the equivalence of results of the therapeutic experience in the evaluation of actions L. crucial objective and quantitative indicators. Always take into account the importance of psychological factors in testing new tools, so the control group patients also give "the same remedy" (placebo).
Especially it is necessary to note that just as every sick gives individual reaction to the pathogenic factor, so usually there and individual response to a therapeutic agent.