Rendering first medical aid

Most of the affected animal skin surface is very dirty, as they are in the period of excitation fall to the ground and RUB about the surrounding objects (especially rapidly this is manifested in pigs, dogs and horses). Therefore, it is necessary, first of all burned surface carefully clear of burnt fur and contaminants (particles of hay, sawdust, shavings, ground and so on), and then wash it with clean water. After that burnt places it is desirable to impose a cold compress (bag with snow blanket or bag, often wetted with water). The works of several authors, it is shown that cold moderates pain and inflammatory edema. It should be noted that in pigs in the first minutes after the injury occurs desquamation on the burnt surface of the epidermis, which hangs in the form of dirty rags. Burnt places are devoid of the epidermis, weeping, highly contaminated surface treatment which is accompanied by pronounced painful reaction.
Therefore, in these cases it is better to be limited only to wash (irrigation) the affected areas with antiseptic solutions (1-3%solution of potassium permanganate, a solution of rivanol 1 : 500 and others) and to take measures to burned surface was no more dirty.
If possible, animals injected heart and sedatives. Good for burns frequent feeding small amounts of digestible, rich in protein and vitamins of feed and feeding of cool water with addition of salt.
Animals, if possible, place in a warm, well-ventilated (but without draughts) the premises; they are provided with complete peace.