Fighting toxaemia

Pereraspredelenie Central nervous system and the perversion of its regulatory functions, infringement of metabolism and absorption of toxic products of burnt areas are original in the development of post-burn toxemia. Therefore, the treatment of the affected animals should be aimed at elimination of these factors. With this objective shows the use of painkillers and sleeping pills.
Good results intravenous glucose solution in combination with isotonic or hypertonic solution of table salt.
To reduce toxicity and effects of acidosis use intravenous within 5-10 days 30%solution of sodium hyposulphite, or 4%-s ' solution of soda (large animal 100-200 ml, small - 15-40 ml).
The favorable effect of a 10%solution of chloride calcium (in normal doses), compensating the lack E. the body of calcium salts and the reduction turgor of tissues.
According to the majority of the authors, a blood transfusion is the best tool in the treatment of burn toxemia.
Centuries Titov, based on data from N. A. S. Fedorov and Cent. of Skurkovich, recommended in the treatment of toxemia to produce a transfusion of blood or serum (large animal to 1 l) from animals who suffered a burn injury.
For maintenance of activity of cardiovascular system designate heart funds.
Of great importance in the fight against toxaemia is timely thorough but gentle, surgical treatment of burns and, possibly, early removal of necrotic tissue.