The normalization of hemodynamics and metabolism

Early application novokaina, neurologically, ganglioblokirtee, and sleeping pills, in addition to relieving pain, to a certain extent, improves hemodynamics and metabolism. Under the influence of these substances are normalized oxidative processes, decrease the clotting of the blood, hypoproteinemia, and gipohloremia. And still require additional activities to restore the function of the cardiovascular system, the normalization of hemoconcentration and metabolism.
For improvement of cardiac activity shows the use of heart drugs and, mainly, camphor, cardiazol, kordiamin and caffeine.
When the acute cardiovascular insufficiency use intravenous administration of 40%glucose solution. We in these cases used intravenous camphor serum on Kadykova.
For the elimination of hemoconcentration, restore blood volume and normalization salt balance intravenous infusion of hypertonic solutions of sodium chloride and glucose.
Hypertonic solutions of salt facilitate a return in the vascular bed of a quantity released in tissue plasma, normalize salt balance and enhance diuresis. However, many authors indicate that salt solutions can provide only short-term positive effect.
Currently in the treatment of burns widely used for intravenous videonablyudeniya serum and poliglyukin. Poliglyukin has, according to C. G. Mitrofanova, the extremely high hemodynamic effect and is able for a long time (48-72 hours) to stay in blood stream. Has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. Large animal 1,5-2 l, small - 100-500 ml
Best liquids in the treatment of burn disease are undoubtedly the plasma and blood, intravenous. Under their influence reduced clotting of the blood, restores tone and the permeability of capillaries, increases blood pressure, improved protein and salt metabolism. Blood transfusion reduces oxygen starvation of tissues and phenomena of intoxication.
To combat hypoxia shows the use of oxygen. We applied again, after 2 days, subcutaneous injection of oxygen in the amount of 3-5 liters of large animal and 0.5-1.5 l is small. Noting the rapid improvement of General condition and less severe violations of protein, sugar and salt metabolism.