Rheumatoid arthritis of the lungs and pleura

The pathogenesis of lungs and pleura rheumatism especially complicated. This is because in the development of vascular and pulmonary parenchymal damage the important place occupied by hemodynamic disorders. Clinically, the latter is expressed in the emergence of stagnation bronchitis, cardiac asthma, swelling and brown induration lungs. Actually inflammatory rheumatic lesions of the lung and pleura is due to the immune, microcirculatory disorders, capillarity, common or restricted vasculitis mainly small branches of the pulmonary artery. They are the basis of rheumatic pneumonia, pleurisy, embolic processes that lead to heart attacks the lungs, play, apparently, a certain role in the pathogenesis of heart attack, hypostatic pneumonia, chronic recurrent infarction of pleurisy.

  • Rheumatic pneumonia
  • Rheumatic pulmonary vasculitis
  • Rheumatic pleurisy