Endometriosis light

Endometriosis lungs. S. Hart in 1912 first discovered endometriosis light at the corpse 72-year-old woman. The section in the lungs revealed many nodes in size from a pea to a walnut. The sites were located mainly under the pleura and histological study had a picture of adenomyosis uterine origin. For 22 years before his death the woman underwent surgery to remove the tumour of the uterus. Much more has a message about detection of decidual tissue in the lungs of the dead women [W. Park, 1954; Hart C, 1956; R. Lattes et al., 1956, and others].
In 1940, J. Hobbs, A. Bortnick experimentally demonstrated the possibility hematogenous Genesis of endometriosis lungs. By introduce non-rabbits-suspension of the endometrium in physiological solution in 8 of the 12 animals they got the typical endometriosis lungs. In addition, they watched 3 women who during menstruation appeared hemoptysis. After the suppression of ovarian function castration-dose x-rays hemoptysis stopped for 5 months, and then resumed.
Well-documented observations of endometriosis lung presented R. Lattes et al. (1956), J. Ziegan (1967). S. Fleishman, J. Davidson (1959), H. Sturzenegger (1960), I. Granberg et al. (1977).
According to I. Granberg et al. (1977), their observation of endometriosis lung 35-year-old woman is the 10th well documented publication. With confidence we can say that by 1977 there were more publications about endometriosis light, if only because not been addressed messages Soviet authors [Kishkovsky A. N., B. N. Baskakov, 1953; B. N. Baskakov, 1966; Nikitin, Yu. P. and others, 1966]. Over the past 25 years we have seen 18 patients with endometriosis lungs.
Literature data and our clinical observations allow us to consider the most characteristic of endometriosis lung complaint cough accompanied by hemoptysis, which is repeated during menstruation. The admixture of blood in the sputum may be of moderate to severe.
So, one of our patients (patient b, 32 years) during the month was separated from sputum significant amount of blood. The patient developed anemia (hemoglobin of blood after another escalation was reduced to 53 g/l, menstrual blood losses were moderate), sharply decreased working capacity, and the patient became an invalid of II group.
Cough and hemoptysis such patients may have not each menstrual cycle, and their severity is different in different cycles.
Some patients with proven endometriosis hemoptysis may be absent, as was the case in the observations R. Kimbrough (1940), J. Ziegan (1967) and N. Sturzenegger (1960). Hemoptysis is not observed in the absence of connection or cystic forms of endometriosis lungs draining bronchus. In these patients the diagnosis of endometriosis light is made on the basis of complaints data of x-ray examination and after the operation is confirmed by pathomorphology.
In the message N. Sturzenegger (1960) when x-ray examination 52-year-old woman in the lateral part of the lower lobe of the right lung was discovered accidentally rounded shadow of diameter 4 see During thoracotomytaken about the proposed lung tumor that was removed cystic formation brown 4X4X5 see the histological examination of the tumor was endometriosis. Hemoptysis ill never suffered. Previously had surgery to remove the uterus with appendages.
With the onset of pregnancy hemoptysis stops-publication R. Lattes et al. (1956) and our observations in 3 patients. Repeating every time (cycle) bleeding with sputum after abortion may become more abundant and regular.
The following (sometimes the only) symptom of endometriosis lungs can be a pain in the chest of different intensity from dull aching and pricking up very strong. By the time they coincide with menstruation, and unlike bleeding their severity approximately the same in different cycles and tends to increase with the development of the disease. In observation R. Kimbrough (1940) to remove attacks of severe pain in the chest during the month, the patient had to enter morphine. Usually the connection pain with breathing movements were absent and appeared with the involvement of the pleura or the presence of concomitant disease of the pleura.
Localization of pain corresponds to the location of endometriosis in this or that part of the lung. With the onset of pregnancy sharp pains stop, but blunt - remain. In observation R. Lattes et al. (1956) with the pregnancy, the woman's condition deteriorated, appeared pain under the right shoulder blade and in the right shoulder. Before pregnancy pain was not. Sometimes the pain is accompanied with a slight burning sensation. More often than pain during menstruation is the feeling of heaviness and pressure in the chest.

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