The effect of drugs on the body

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Widely used streptokinase and urokinase. The efficiency of intravenous streptokinase in the treatment of thrombosis, especially venous and myocardial infarction. Urokinase unlike streptokinase does not cause allergic reactions and does not stimulate the antibody productions, and also has less ability to cause hemorrhages.
A promising area of enzyme therapy is the use of inhibitors of enzymes. Cholinesterase inhibitors of carbonic anhydrase, monoamine oxidase and, in particular, proteolytic enzymes have proven themselves as effective drugs in the treatment of many diseases. Natural inhibitors of proteinases successfully used in the therapy of acute pancreatitis, arthritis, allergic diseases.
A new promising field associated with immobilized enzymes, activators and inhibitors. Such forms of enzymes retain their catalytic activity, but their antigenicity reduced and action in the body over a long time. Currently created immobilized drugs fibrinolytic enzymes. Joint efforts of the staff of the national cardiology research centre, Academy of medical Sciences and Moscow University obtained a water-soluble streptokinase, which is having a positive effect in the embolism pulmonary artery thrombosis of a coronary arteries.
In recent years developed a new way of introduction of immobilized ferments and other Biomedicine by embedding them in lipid vesicles liposomes, caught a good media for transport of drugs in the body: with their help, you can enter the enzyme into the cells, In experiment and clinic studied the possibility of application of liposomes in hereditary lysosomal diseases, Because these drugs have a great future.

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