The effect of drugs on the body

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Studies of the role of medicinal forms and ways of introduction teturama and insulin have shown that the rate of admission and their maintenance in blood of patients are almost the same when injecting and rectal appointment. Moreover, by rectal application teturama narcologists not been mentioned serious side reactions that occur usually after injection.
Among the solutions, tablets and suppositories of ftoratsizinom best (according to the maximum concentration in the blood) are solutions and tablets. Another result of experimental studies: the study of oral dosage forms of vitamin K has shown that the influence on the activity of prothrombin complex medicinal forms are in the following order: dried product in kishechnorastvorimye capsules, oil solution in gelatinous capsules, tablets without skin and covered by it.
Very interesting results of studying the processes of absorption and excretion from the body with urine amidopirina. It turns out that the speed of this process is largely determined by the type of dosage form.
The highest concentration in the blood amidopirina from suppozitoriev is achieved by the end of the first hour after administration, from the solution peak concentrations also achieved through an hour, but it is slightly lower than that of powder - two hours from the tablets and mortar with corrective composition - four hours. Consequently, the use amidopirina in the form of suppositories increases the speed of absorption and its content in the blood is higher in comparison with other medicinal forms. This allows to speak about the reduction in dose of the drug is in the form of suppositories with extemporanea cooking.
Thus, the experimental data show that the strategy of appointment amidopirina should be changed when using various medicinal forms of the drug.
Needless to say how important to select dosage form, if the patients are children. Here are the results of the study, which allowed to establish the most effective medicinal form of spasmolytic - ephedrine hydrochloride and izadrina hydrochloride (we also used a complex composition which includes aminophylline, diphenhydramine, ephedrine) in the treatment of children suffering from bronchial asthma. Systematic, within one or two weeks, the introduction of the above preparations in the form suppozitoriev showed certain advantages in comparison with powders and pills. These benefits are manifested in a more rapid onset of therapeutic action and in the absence of any reaction on the part of the gastrointestinal tract.
Efficacy, tolerability, the character and appearance of complications of the disease to a large extent depend on the type of dosage form of steroid hormones used, as a rule, long-term. The most common of them - pills - allow you to keep in the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract significant concentrations of exogenous steroids, who has a General, a wide range of local action (vasoconstrictor, violation of membrane permeability and metabolism in the cell, leading to atrophic processes, and so on). This phenomenon is fraught with serious dangers, especially for the elderly or those with concomitant diseases of organs of digestion. In this case, appropriate therapeutic effect can be achieved only by changing the type of dosage form of hormonal drugs, in particular the use of suppositories.