"The cure" for healthy

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After acute infectious diseases (dysentery, scarlet fever, diphtheria) a satisfactory state of cardiovascular system - in 1.5-2 months.
These terms for the exercise with their children at home parents should be aware and abide by.
Recommended for children suffering from heart disease, be sure to do hygienic gymnastics, skiing, with frequent vacations and a small jump, swim for a short distance, take a walk for 20-30 minutes slow walking, playing volleyball.
Children with chronic pulmonary diseases desirable systematic studies hygienic gymnastics, skiing over longer distances, and even descents from low hills. Recovering lung diseases recommended skating; you can include elements of scuba diving; type of track and field athletics - the walk and items not a quick run over short distances with the subsequent transition to walk, first at an average pace, and then slow. From sports useful volleyball, elements of basketball and tennis.
In bronchial asthma, you must be in the fresh air at least 4-5 hours, and in summer - day to sleep in the fresh air), regularly and to go out in the summer - in the field, forest. The walk itself is a good breathing exercise. It is only necessary to watch, that while walking the children to correctly breathed, inhaled and exhaled through his nose. The best sports - tourist walking, skating, skiing, swimming, boating on pleasure boats, playing volleyball and towns.
Diseases of musculoskeletal system, especially when violations of posture and spine deformation, hygienic gymnastics and fizkultparad during prep is a large number of corrective exercises.
Very widely use the skiing and skating. But in cases of pronounced flat feet in the shoes must invest arch supports, i.e. special insoles to make the arches proper corrective support.
Extremely useful systematic swimming lessons. However swimming on his side, Kroll is not recommended, as it may aggravate the curvature of the spine. Remember that voyage should be combined with regular lessons corrective gymnastics, then you will reach the maximum effect.
Perhaps, all kinds of athletics shown to children with posture defects, except jumps, which can be addressed only with the permission of the doctor (with curvature in the lumbar region jumps are denied.
Sports games can widely be used for training children with disorders of the musculoskeletal system. It is necessary to watch only that in games such as tennis and towns, children operated alternately one or the other hand.
Parents should know that excessive exercise, discrepancy dosage exercises to health, age and forces involved, the violation of the regime of exercise and the General regime can lead to exhaustion of the Central nervous system and poor General health. If the child appears irritability, worsening of overall health, you should immediately stop the occupation and show it to your doctor. In such cases it is best helps the rest, ordering mode. As you feel better baby you can allow it to gradually resume their studies, beginning with the minimum dosage. To prevent this condition "overtraining", it is necessary to limit excessive activity and enthusiasm teen sports and periodically to show it to the doctor. Well to teach older children to keep a diary of self-control that they would regularly noted their health.
Children with deviations in health, you should disable the power of motion exercises with weights (dumbbells, weights, resistance bands). However, brings with light weights (0,5-1 kg), gymnastic sticks, printed balls can be used. They will help to improve posture, harmony, mobility, increase of physical force.
Strict dosage should also be considered when riding a bike. This sport can only deal with older students, well developed physically. Children, poorly physically developed, especially with deviations in body posture, Cycling is not recommended.