"The cure" for healthy

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 "The holding of physical culture in 
 children, in the period of intensive growth 
 the body, when all the organs and tissues of the most 
 capable of development and, if necessary, to regenerate, 
 is particularly valuable and effective". 
 Prof. G. N. Speransky 

The most common cause of poor physical development is the violation of motor mode, the absence of hardening and regular physical exercises.
Often weakened children instead of systematic training exercise exempt from classes in physical education classes in school, and often decisive role parents play under different pretexts ugovarivali school doctors not "loaded" son or daughter.
In schools established the distribution of students, depending on their state of health, in groups of physical culture.
Most students belongs to the so-called "core" group, which includes all healthy children, without deviations in physical development and health, and those with minor deviations, but sufficient physical preparedness.
The second group, "preparatory"consist of students with minor deviations in physical development and health. This includes children who have a low level of physical preparation. They are engaged in physical education classes together with the main group, but are exempt from taking the norms of BGTO and the TRP, I level. In the preparatory group, these guys are temporarily and after appropriate training be transferred to the main group.
And finally, the third, "special"group includes students with significant deviations in the health status of temporary or permanent. Such
children are not allowed to study in the school physical education programs, and some of them continue to improve the health status, completely free from physical education classes. Unfortunately, not all schools have organized a special group. And in fact weakened the child is especially necessary exercise that improves the functional state of the organism, strengthen his muscles.
What activities can and should do to children, poorly developed physically? And why it is especially necessary exercise?
When systematic physical training and sports development of muscle system: increased muscle mass, volume, they become stronger; physical exercises increase the rate of contraction of the muscles, increasing their elasticity and stretchability. Correctly organized and dosed physical exercises promote bone growth, development of the skeleton.
Under the influence of systematic physical exercise heart begins stronger decline; increasing the frequency and depth of breathing, which improves lung ventilation. Improved also motor quality, quickness, endurance, agility and strength, they are developing in the process of doing a variety of exercises.
First of all about gymnastics. Exercises so-called primary and hygienic gymnastics influence the organism of children expressed a health impact. They widen motor coordination and enhance the versatility of physical training of the child. Classes hygienic gymnastics widely recommended for all children with deviations in health, at any age. With the permission of the doctor already with 6-7 years may start classes artistic gymnastics, especially children with posture defects, and to start training in preparatory groups of children sport schools with 8 years.
Athletics includes a number of different in character and influence on the organism of the exercises, it is walking, running, jumping, throwing. So, if classes are walking or running develop the main functions of the circulatory and respiratory system, increase stamina, jumping and throwing more improve coordination. The combination of these exercises helps versatile physical development and fitness of the organism. To start classes in sections athletics is allowed from the age of 11.