Leningrad resort area

Leningrad resort area (Sestroretsk resort area)- a coastal area of the Karelian isthmus length of 40 km and a width of 2-6 km from Sestroretsk to the mouth R. Jonas-Joki, elongated in the latitudinal direction along the North-Eastern and Northern coast of the Gulf of Finland (figure). The composition L. K. R. includes the following resorts and resort towns: Sestroretsk, Solar, Repino, Komarovo, Zelenogorsk, ear, Serovo, Youth, Smolyachkovo. The distance from the Leningrad to the nearest and the destination of the district 25-70 km by water Gulf of 40-60 km
Throughout along the shore of the Bay ridge stretches of sand dunes and hills that form the lower and upper marine terraces. The lower terrace with height from 4 to 7 m above ur. meters and a width of between 0.2 (ear) to 0.8 km (Repino) covered with pine and deciduous forest. The upper terrace, beautifully perched above the sea level [17 m (Solar - Repino) up to 40 m (Komarovo - ear)]is covered with mixed forest dominated by spruce. In the area of some lakes: 2.5 km from Komarovo - oz. Shchuchye the area. 1 km2; 12.5 km from Zelenogorsk - oz. Kavan and lumpy, 12 km from the lake. Belle. The lake is very picturesque, their high banks are covered with mixed forest; sandy beaches are suitable for swimming. The best beaches of the area: the beach in Repino width of 130 m, a distance of 1.5 km; Golden beach in Zelenogorsk 160 m in length 1.3 km; beach in Sunny width of 180 m, a distance of 2 km; extremely convenient for bathing children beach ear length 500 m and a width of 50 m with a very gently sloping sea bottom. The swimming season usually lasts from early June to late August. Average water temperature in June 14,5°, in July 18,5°, August 18 degrees. Climate L. K. R. characterized by moderately warm summers (temperature cf in July 17 degrees) with predominance of the sun, sometimes hot and dry weather, moderately mild winter (February temperature of -9 degrees). In the warm period (April - October) falls 410 mm of rain (with annual amount of 600 mm). The highest average monthly rainfall is in August - 80 mm
The main therapeutic agents: aerogel-thalassotherapy.
In L. K. R. organized a network of sanatoriums, rest homes, boarding houses, children's health institutions and pioneer camps, tourist bases.
Sestroretsk - balneological, mud and climatic seaside lowland resort located in the East. part of the Finnish Bay, 34 km from St. Petersburg; sandy, is suitable for bathing beach width of 80 m and a distance of 2 km. Between the sea shore and R. Sister - pine forest. To treatments Spa, besides the climate and bathing, is low-mineralized (1.12 g/l) sodium chloride water with radon content up to 10% of Mahe, coming out of the lower Cambrian sediments.
Water is used for bathing, but also for internal use (water pump-room "Pelican"), a Large swimming pool, filled heated mineral water used for medicinal baths in combination with physiotherapy. With the medical purpose (mud) is used gutieva clay. Near Sestroretsk are the resort towns Spill, Tarkhovka, Gorsky, Aleksandrovka, Lakhta, Olgino. Indications: diseases of cardiovascular system (hypertensive illness, not more than II degree, initial forms of atherosclerosis), chronic polyarthritis different etiology, diseases of the peripheral nervous system, gynecological diseases (requiring mud), diseases of digestive organs, metabolism (obesity, gout, light forms of diabetes mellitus), functional diseases of nervous system, diseases of respiratory organs of not tubercular character (in the warmer months), fatigue, recovery. To stay in specialized sanatoriums (for adults and children) indications - depending on the profile of the sanatorium. Cm. also Resorts.

Scheme of resorts and medical districts of the Leningrad resort area.