What is the lethargy?

Sometimes the dream lasts much longer than expected, not 7-8 hours, weeks or even years. This dream was named lethargic.
A well known case when in this dream plunged girl 4 years and slept for 18 years. Woke up she was already adult girl. However, immediately upon awakening reached for the doll. Her brain remained at the level of the development of what she had in 4 years, for no impressions did not enrich the mind, life experience won't accumulate. In our press wrote a lot about the patient sleep Kachalkin. He slept for 22 years, fell asleep at the age of 35 years, and woke up polisistem old man. The awakening of the patient observed in 1918 I. P. Pavlov.
Patients in a state of lethargy, you need to feed. If you saved the swallowing reflex, it is enough to enter write in the mouth. While deep sleep, even when this reflex is unclear and ill poprivate, have to resort to the introduction of food through a tube or nutritional enema. In other words, care needs such as for the paralyzed man. Of course, the patient does not consume any energy to work, so the food he needs about half that of the human brain work in a usual working day. In a state of lethargy all bodies function. These examples show that go all the natural age-related transformation. The communication of the brain with the outside world is sharply limited.
Cause lethargy, of course, deep pathology. Sleep in these cases, as it strives to protect the brain from further deterioration, but cannot restore. The weakening of the pathological process relieve a patient from this protection, but he remains seriously ill. About the dream Kachalkin many have written, but few know about his fate. After waking left him at the hospital in the position of gardener. A year later he died.
In the press sometimes appear sensational reports of some the antipodes Kachalkin and similar patients - people who do not sleep for many years. As a rule, these data are only in the General press; scientific publications on such cases was not. What's the matter? I do not think that someone intentionally deceives journalists, and those mislead readers. Maybe it is a mistake, for which even have known the base. Smoke without fire, it never happens. For example, a person in the result of any shock or injury has ceased to have the time of his awakening. None of us remember how I fell asleep, but we all remember, as came out of the arms of sleep. If a person has lost this awareness awakening, he honestly I am sure that not sleeping. Who sleeps 7-8 hours to catch on unintentional deception easily. If a person sleeps-there are few (the concussion he could give such result, its always see on his feet, and he says with a pure heart, which did not sleep a wink. No one feels the night watch to verify these facts - the least time and desire to wear such a watch on the journalist. He learned of the fact, had an interview and gave publication. Nobody cheated, and the fact no!