Lethargy (synonym: lethargic sleep, imaginary death, shallow life) - a state of pathological sleep, followed more or less pronounced weakening the physical manifestations of life, significant decrease of the currency, weakening or complete lack of response to irritation. The degrees of lethargy can be extremely different. In mild cases, there is only stillness with closed eyes, smooth breathing and muscle relaxation. Sometimes there was a slight tremor century and the rolling eyeballs. There are a number of more severe forms of lethargy, difficult to discern from death, when physiological manifestations of life are barely perceptible. There is a widespread belief that some of these patients were adopted for the dead and prematurely buried. Not reliably established so far no such case. In fact, there is always the possibility to establish the presence or absence of life.
Attacks lethargy usually occur suddenly, often after strong excitement and as suddenly stopped. Duration of lethargy - from several minutes and hours to several days. Lethargy is most often found in hysteria - both as an independent disease, and in connection with fits of hysteria. Lethargy can be induced by hypnosis. Sometimes lethargy occurs on the background of the sharply expressed physical exhaustion after delivery, blood loss, etc. the Patient in lethargy must be immediately delivered to the doctor. Most often, lethargy is not a condition dangerous to life, and you only want to monitor. In cases where lethargy occurs due to somatic diseases, which need treatment last.