leukoma a thornLeukoma (thorn) - stable dimness of the cornea due to the development of scar tissue after inflammation or injury. Leukoma can take all the cornea or part of it (Fig.). Vision is reduced. Leukoma, spliced with the iris, can lead to secondary glaucoma (see). Treatment of lakomy surgical, mainly keratoplasty (see).

Leukoma (leucoma corneae; from the Greek. leukos - white; SNN. corneal leukoma) - cicatrical changes of connective tissue stroma cornea after inflammation or injury. Scarring breaks the correct location bundles of fibers corneal stroma, why the transparency of its broken. Not only by rough scars, but with a slight clouding of the cornea (nubecula and macula lutea corneae) there is a strong scattering, preventing acuity. When lacome as a result of deep ulcers or injury to the cornea tissue last thinner; this cornea unable to resist the action of intraocular pressure, stretched and stuck out. Developing staphyloma cornea (see).
For the treatment of lakomy apply different resolving local means - Dinin (3-5% solution), yellow mercury ointment (1%), iontophoresis with iodine, diathermy eyes. More effective tissue therapy is a treatment layer-by-layer graft canned corneal tissue. With extensive L. shown operation keratoplasty (see), increasingly supplant purely cosmetic method of tattoo scar regenerated cornea ink or chlorine gold.