The Levintal environment

The Levintal environment (W. Levinthal)- special environment (agar, broth, blood agar) for cultivation of bacteria, poorly growing on nutrient mediums.
Pre-cooked meat porridge - 100 g of meat, minced, pour 300 ml of sterile distilled water. The mixture is transferred into the bottle, add 10 ml of normal the solution of soda, mix thoroughly and place in the incubator for 1-2 hours at 37 - 60 degrees. Add 0.5 g of Pancreatin 20 - 30 ml of water with 2 ml of normal solution of soda and 10 ml of chloroform; bottle tied with parchment paper and leave to stand day at 37 deg, often shaking. For preliminary determination of pH in the cone mix 20 ml thoroughly shaken up meat pulp and 20 ml of buffer solution, boil for 1 minute on fire and hot filtered through filter paper; then cooled and determine the pH (must be the 6.9 to 7.2).
For preparation of agar buffer solution 8 : 1000 dibasic sodium phosphate (Na2HP04) in distilled water, acidified with hydrochloric acid to pH 5,6-6,6, sterilized the device Koch. On the solution are 3% agar and mix in the pan with the equal volume of meat of gruel. The mixture is heated to high heat and boil 1 minute Agar decanted in the base, and again bring to boil; hot filtered through filter paper (first portion twice) and alkalinized normal soda solution to pH=7.5 to 7,8; boil again (better in small portions - 250 ml). Pour into a sterile tube and then sterilized in the device Koch 10-15 minutes 3 days in a row.
Agar is used for the cultivation of meningococcus, gonococcus, sticks and other Pfeifer
For preparing meat broth gruel and buffer solution is mixed in equal quantities, boiled, filtered, correct response, again boil, pour in a test tube or flask, sterilized the device Koch; peptone and do not add salt.
For the preparation of blood agar 2% nutrient agar (pH 7.3 to 7,5) melt in the flask and cooled to 60 degrees, slowly, constantly shaking, sterile add 5-10% defibrinirovannaya blood (horse, rabbit or human), warm up in the device Koch at 100 degrees. The duration of the warming of 1 - 5 minutes drive, 2 l - 8-10 minutes Overheating agar invalid: blood precipitates and the environment becomes useless. The warming of the environment can be produced in a water bath to warm up 2 to 3 minutes, take out, shake again to warm up (2-3 times). Environment precipitated within 2 hours. at 60 degrees and transparent top layer poured into the cups. To the environment turned out to be transparent, it is filtered through a thin layer not defatted dressing wool. Wednesday store no more than 3 weeks.
Use environment for growing wand influenza.
Cm. also Differential diagnostic environment, the Nutrient medium.