Lefulesele - emergence levulose (fruit sugar) in the urine, frequent liver disease, Wilson's disease and other Selection levulose of urine when you receive 50-100 g it inside is a diagnostic liver test, because caught in the blood levulose assimilated only by the liver.
The sample is positive for acute lesions in the liver parenchyma, chronic common processes. Hemolytic jaundice it is negative.
During mechanical blockage of the bile ducts test may be positive, as sharp delay of bile violates the absorption of fructose liver cells. Load levulose cannot be the differential diagnostic test various forms of jaundice.
The levulose determine the reaction Selivanova (fruit sugar with resorcinol and hydrochloric acid gives red color. Quantitative determination produce polarization Sheremeta (levulose rotates the plane of polarization to the left).