Therapeutic exercise is the most important component of sanatorium treatment of children. Increased demand in motion is a characteristic of a child of any age. Active muscle activity is a necessary condition of correct formation of a growing organism. Motor deficits in children has more adverse effects than adults, because the responsiveness of all systems of organism, increases susceptibility to disease. Therefore, physical education, physiotherapy exercises are of great preventive, curative and rehabilitative value. Physiotherapy exercises help to improve mood, well-being of children, the emotional tone and physical development, to improve the functional abilities of the nervous, cardiovascular and other systems of the body. Exercise stimulates metabolism, blood circulation, energoprodukt and biosynthesis in muscles, infarction, increased stroke volume, efficiency of external respiration, oxygen saturation. All this creates favorable conditions for activity of the heart, brain, muscles, internal organs. Therefore, exercise therapy is considered as a method of non-specific pathogenetic therapy and strengthening of health of children.
One of the main features of physical therapy is the ability to combine tonic and special effects to enhance the fitness of the functional systems due to consistent dosed increasing loads. C. Century Khrushchev emphasizes that regular exercise form a qualitatively new state body - fitness, characterized by a more economical and perfect functioning of all systems, the higher their health.
In children's sanatorium therapy is a wide range of tools that includes not only physical exercises, but the whole organization of motor mode sick child, morning hygienic gymnastics, therapeutic gymnastics, mechanotherapy, massage, walking, outdoor games, health path, therapeutic swimming, labour processes in the air, excursions, etc. They are differentially, taking into account the nature of the disease, the age-specific features of the child's body prior to the fitness of the child.
In the period of adaptation is sparing motor mode, apply the morning hygienic gymnastics, dosed walking on the territory of the sanatorium, physiotherapy exercises with weak load for 10-15 minutes every day for 3-6 days. Then gradually increase the load up to the average, the duration of up to 15-20 min with a small break. Exercise therapy promotes more rapid adaptation of the child to the new conditions.
Basically treatment period motor mode expand, increase the load during the exercises, gradually include games with elements of competition, increase the length of the path.