Therapeutic physical training for burns and frostbite

Burns. This damage to the body caused by exposure to high temperatures, chemical or radiation energy. When you burn first of all suffer from the skin. Depending on the depth of its defeat there are four degrees of burns: I degree - redness and swelling of the skin; II degree - mortification of the upper layers of the epidermis and blisters filled with inflammatory fluid; III degree - mortification deep layers of the skin, full or partial; IV degree - death of the tissue beneath the skin.
Burns I and II degree with a small area of damage occur mainly as a local disease. If they capture 5-10 percent or more of the surface of the body, burn disease develops, the first manifestation of which can be a shock. Further there is intoxication of the organism by decay products of dead skin from burns and tissue due to infection - metabolic disorders, a change in the structure and function of internal organs. Particularly affected are the liver and kidneys. Worsen the condition of the patient pain and isolation of the burn liquid surface rich in protein. Serious burns can occur depletion: the patient loses appetite and dramatically thinner.
Therapeutic physical culture has a tonic effect, prevents complications (pneumonia, etc.,), contractures, and atrophy of muscles, improves trophism, contributing to rapid healing of wounds, normalizes or compensate for impaired function.
Classes start with 2-4-th day after burn, repeating them several times a day. First applied exercises for healthy parts of the body with the movements of the amplitudes, not causing pain and breathing exercises. Used treatment situation: the burnt parts of the body is given functionally advantageous position that must be changed several times a day. Duration - 10-15 minutes
When conservative treatment in the future begin to include in classes of active movement in the affected areas of the body. Gradually increase the total load in the classroom and the amplitude of movements. Passive exercises are applied only after heal wounds, if active exercise is not enough to increase the mobility of the joints.
Burns in the chest special attention is paid to the implementation of breathing exercises. First used diaphragmatic breathing, then chest. With burns of face exercises are performed to mimic muscles. Burns exciting area of joints, used slow motion performed on all axes of this joint at maximum amplitude. Long forced position for burns can cause contractions and deformations in healthy joints, so you should enable the movement to all joints.
In surgical treatment of preoperative period, conducted by the method of conservative treatment. After the operation, which is to transplant skin with a healthy body sites on the burnt, therapeutic physical training can be started already in a few hours. Apply breathing exercises and movements in small joints healthy limbs. With each passing day, increase the amount of exercise for a healthy of body parts and the number of repetitions. Active movement through the small amplitude in the operated area include 6-8-th day after operation. In the second period after it increases overall body burden due tonic exercises. The amplitude of movements in the operated area is restored, applied exercises for normalization of all impaired motor function.
Frostbite. This is the tissue damage caused by exposure to low temperature. Contribute to frostbite humidity, wind, local and General disorder of blood circulation.
Therapeutic physical culture has a tonic effect, improves trophism and helps restore the skin for mild frostbite. In severe forms of physical exercise prevent the development of stiffness in the joints and muscular atrophy.
In the physiotherapy sessions are applied exercises for the body and healthy limbs. On the affected limb movements are performed in healthy joints. Damaged segments limbs involved in active movements in the beginning of the recovery of the skin, and in severe frostbite - after surgical removal of necrotic tissue and wound healing. To prevent stiffness in the joints is applied treatment provision. After healing skin included exercises that strengthen it. While exercise is a pressing a place of healing at different things first, soft, then hard. Duration of training - from 15 to 30 minutes