Personal hygiene of staff

To prevent food poisoning essential personal hygiene personnel. Before joining all the canteen workers undergo medical examination, check bacille - and pistorasiasta. In the future, they undergo a medical examination every month, and a study on bacille - and pistorasiasta runs in the terms established by the local sanitary supervision.
Persons suffering from diarrhea, removed from work and admitted to her again only with a doctor's permission. Not allowed to work in the kitchen persons suffering from typhoid fever, paratyphoid, dysentery, syphilis, acute gonorrhea, soft chancre, gonorrhea eyes, trachoma, skin diseases with the defeat of face and hands, scabies, leprosy, tuberculosis from sputum containing Bacillus, putrid rhinitis, bronchitis, lung gangrene, brucellosis with clinical manifestations of the disease, incontinence of urine and feces, and persons with purulent open ulcers, pregnancy. Persons living together with patients with gastrointestinal diseases, diphtheria, were dismissed from work, and only after repeated negative tests for germ-carriers.
Food service staff should be provided regularly renewing overalls. All food service staff are required in the process, to observe cleanliness and tidiness, to monitor the cleanliness of hands, wash them after each pollution (moving from one job to another, after visiting the toilet and others). Translate staff with dirty work on clean/during the working day shall be prohibited.
Before leaving the kitchen, before visiting the lavatory clothing should be removed, and on his return again to wear. The chef at the end of cooking, before handing it should wear different clothing.
Sanitary-hygienic examination of food companies is aimed at the elucidation of their sanitary condition and contents, and also conformity to the established sanitary norms and requirements.
Inspection of the enterprise is made on a course of technological process, starting from storage, initial processing of raw materials and to issue him with the company. Also check medical records and observance of rules of personal hygiene.
Thus find out the degree of isolation of the places of primary processing of products from a cleaner processes, the degree of isolation of processing materials from another, the availability of flow production, absence of cross-flow clean products with polluting materials. Special attention should be paid to sanitation and the quality of equipment and inventory.
After the examination and make the act, which lists the sanitary deficiencies and proposals for the implementation of necessary measures for elimination of the deficiencies identified.