Scans lymph node: 1 - functioning, 2 in the state hyperplasia; 3 - partial metastatic lesion; 4 - completely replaced by metastasis.

Limfoadenopatia (synonym radioisotope lymphography) - method study of the lymphatic system using radioactive isotopes. For limfoadenopatia use most colloidal solution of radioactive gold, Au198. More often use the so-called method of indirect limfoadenopatia. For this 0,5-5 ml activity 30-200 mccoury injected into the tissue with a well-developed network of lymph vessels in such a place, the outflow from which occurs in the underlying study group of lymph nodes. After 24 - 48 hours spend scanning (see) in this area. Patients with lymph nodes displayed on the scan enlarged size with more intensive, than in normal hosts, even blackening. If lymph node metastases blackening unevenly weak or absent (Fig.). There is a method of direct limfoadenopatia, in which the drug radioactive gold (see) are injected directly into the pre-painted lymphatic vessels. Cm. also Radioisotope diagnostics.