Lymphosarcomatous skin

Lymphosarcomatous skin (lymphosarcomatosis cutis) - a group of diseases of various origin, as well as on clinical and histomorphological picture. In addition true primary and secondary lymphosarcomatous skin, this group is ranked sarcoid Shpiglera - Fendt, follicular limfoblasta Brill - Simmers, skin limfozitami of Tribes etc. there are primary isolated and multiple tumors of the skin and secondary lymphosarcomatous skin. The latter develops in the metastasis of internal organs and lymph nodes. Primary L. K. observed very rarely. Usually find isolated or merging knots and units in size from a pea to hazelnut, plotnostei consistency, yellowish, reddish-brown color; sites sometimes may ulcerate. These forms of lymphosarcomatous skin difficult to distinguish from disseminated sarcodon Shpiglera-Fendt, in which there is a large number of tumors on the skin; in the process can be involved and other organs. With follicular limfoblasta a skin lesion then proceeds by type of eritrodermii, exfoliative dermatitis, which are difficult to distinguish from erythrodermic stage of mycosis fungoides. With follicular lymphosarcoma early appear enlarged lymph nodes, unlike of mycosis fungoides in which they appear much later. Much more difficult to differentiate L. K. with eritrodermii when lymph and myelogenous leukemia. Ormsby (O. S. Ormsby) and Montgomery (N. Montgomery) distinguish from the true lymphosarcomatous skin limfozitami skin benign disease proceeding, in which the person, sometimes on the limbs and the scrotum appear mainly miliary brownish-reddish papules. Histomorphologically study required for diagnosing the above mentioned diseases of the skin. In primary forms L. K. histologically find round-cell sarcoma, which is difficult to distinguish from other forms of lymphosarcoma. When sarcode Shpiglera - Fendt are education, consisting mainly of Mature lymphocytes and often reticular cells with a small number of mitoses. When limfozitami find patterns similar to the follicles of the lymph nodes consisting of lymphocytes and reticular cells. The prognosis for the primary and secondary forms L. K. adverse except for limited forms of sarcoid Shpiglera-Fendt. The treatment of primary and secondary lymphosarcomatous skin - drugs arsenic and radiotherapy. Apply sarkolizin and radioactive phosphorus.