Flax seed

Flax seed (Linum usitatissimum L.) - cultivated plant.
Family Lewie - Linaceae CF Gray.
flax seed

Flax seed. 1 - the top part of a blossoming plant; 2 - the root of the bottom listunova stalk; 3 - flower remote perianth; 4 - pistil and stamens alternating with staminodes; 5 - petals; 6 - internal sepals; 7 - the outer sepals; 8 - a box with the remaining Cup; 9, 10 - a seed with a wide (9) and narrow (10) side.

Annual herbaceous plant with thin stems, height 50-75 see the Leaves uzkolinejnye, are arranged alternately on the stem. Flowers are pale blue with dark blue veins. The fruit is globose box filled with brown shiny seeds that when namazyvanii covered with slime.
Flax seed is found only in culture in an average strip of the European part of the USSR and Siberia. In our situation differs short vegetation period. Simple in culture. Included in the I-X Governaciy the USSR. Contains mucous substances, and oil seeds - fatty acids. Mucus seeds - laxative. Also use drugs from oil seeds: Lina, linetol (see).
Flax seeds contain fatty oil (30-48%), mucus (5-12%), protein (18-33%). Used as a coating agent. Naruzhno applied flax flour for poultices.