Lipokain (Lipocainum; synonym: Biolipe and others) is a drug lipotropic substances pancreas of cattle. Lipokain inhibits the development of fatty infiltration of the liver, stimulates lipotropic substances. Apply with hepatitis, Hungary disease, adipose degeneration, diabetes prone to ketosis, in the case of coronary atherosclerosis. Assign inside of 0 1 - 0.2 g 2-3 times a day course for 10-20 days; at the same time take methionine (see) or foodscontaining lipotropic factors - cheese (up to 200 g / day) or oatmeal. Method of production: powder and tablets 0.1 g

Lipokain (Lipocaimim; synonym: Biolipe, Lipotrat) - preparation of the pancreas containing lipotropic substances. Lipokain derived from pojeludochnykh glands slaughter cattle after extraction of insulin. Activity set of biological research, expressed in UNITS; 1 g L contains 100 U. Lipokain delays the development of fatty liver, enhances the effects of other lipotropic substances (see), promotes the elimination of ketosis. Indications: the tendency to ketosis in patients with diabetes mellitus, epidemic and other types of hepatitis, liver cirrhosis. Appoint 0.1-0.2 g 2-3 times a day. Complications and side effects does not cause. The form of release: tablets 0.1 g Cm. Hormonal drugs.