Lipodystrophy (synonym lipoatrophy) is a disease manifested by atrophy of subcutaneous fat at the head, the neck, the upper half of the body under the excessive accumulation of fat in the lower half. Is rare, affecting primarily women. The etiology is unclear. The internal organs are not affected, their function is not broken. Patients go to the doctor because of their appearance, sometimes complain of weakness, irritability. Life prognosis is good. Cause treatment no, applied products, strengthen the nervous system, and vitamins.

Lipodystrophy (gr. lipos fat + dystrophy; synonym lipoatrophy) - atrophy of adipose tissue certain areas or areas of the body, for example on one side of the body when spondylitis, in the field of sockets with traumatic these anomalies, in places injections of insulin (insulin HP).
The most important form of L - progressive L. (synonym: lipodystrophia progressiva, lipodystrophia cephalothoraciea progressiva, illness, Barrcera - Simons) - disappearance of subcutaneous fat in the head, neck and chest. The disease is rare, usually women, and appears from childhood. The process starts with the weight of a person, then it spreads to the waist. In the lower half of the body subcutaneous fatty tissue developed normally, and often even excessively. The etiology and pathogenesis of progressive HP is not clear. There are indications on the role of endocrine disorders (thyrotoxicosis, a violation of the functions of the pituitary gland), hereditary constitutional factors. The main role in the pathogenesis give the trophic disorders of innervation associated with lesions of the intermediate brain, spinal cord, and sympathetic gangliev.
Patients complain of fatigue, sensitivity to cold, nervousness. Noteworthy is a discrepancy between the depletion of the upper body and lower obesity. A person with a sharp depletion reminiscent of "the mask of a dead man". Sometimes there trophic changes in the skin, nails, and hypertrichosis, acrocyanosis, polyuria, carbohydraturia. The disease progresses in the initial period; reaching the maximum of the distribution process stabilizes. Sometimes the progression is replaced by a prolonged remission.
The prognosis is favorable, but stop the growth of adipose tissue atrophy treatment interventions, including enhanced nutrition, it is not possible. There are indications of a favorable result of insulin therapy in small doses. Treatment - tonic, symptomatic, vitamin therapy.