Lipofuscin (from the Greek. lipos - fat and lat. fuscus - dark, brown) - Golden brown granular pigment, belonging to the group of lipoproteins. The chemical composition is not established; believe that he is close to melanin. Reactions to iron lipofuscin does not, acid-insoluble and poorly soluble in alkalis, discolored oxidants, is painted on fat and not turn black during the impregnation silver nitrate.
OK lipofuscin is found in muscle fibers of the heart, skeletal muscle, and the intestinal wall (sarcoplasm, near cores)in the liver cells (Central departments slices), adrenal (net area of the cortex), kidney (Genle hinges), ganglion cells, the epithelium of the testes and the seminiferous tubules. In old age, in atrophic processes, severe chronic debilitating diseases, the number of L. in the cells increases.
The disintegration of cells lipofuscin can be detected in stroma bodies in the form glycated clusters. Sometimes the increase in the number of L. observed in young healthy people. It is established that L. in the cells can quickly disappear again to accumulate. The origin and functional significance L. unknown. Make it a genetic link with hemoglobin. Earlier L. was considered to be the end product of metabolism, slag (pigment wear), but recently this statement is reviewed. There are data about the relation of the number HP functional state of the cell and the active participation of L. in cell metabolism. Cm. also Pigments.