Lipoma (synonym: Wen, lipoplasty) - a benign tumor growing from the adipose tissue (Fig.). Depending on the size of the slices and a greater or lesser development of connective tissue distinguish lipofilnam and fibrolipoma. The value of a lipoma different from hazel to the head of an adult, and more. Lipoma have a thin capsule, mobile, distinguished from normal tissue during surgery easily velosipeda. Most often lipoma found in the subcutaneous tissue, Marmashen, for peritoneal space, rarely in the stomach, colon, liver, etc. Lipoma retroperitoneal space often recur after removal and can malignities.
The clinical course of single and multiple lipomas quite benign. Lipoma after injuries sometimes nagnaivajutsja.
Surgical treatment with histological examination of the tumor.

Lipoma (from the Greek. lipos - fat) is a benign tumor of adipose tissue. Lipoma more often localized in subcutaneous adipose tissue, interstitial connective tissue, intra-muscular fascia; rarely - joint, tendon sheaths, gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, broad ligament of the uterus.
In the context of L. yellow, with greater or lesser number of connective tissue layers, which makes delicatest tumors. Parenchyma lipoma consists of fat cells, stroma - of connective tissue fibers, blood vessels, nerves. More or less dominated stroma determines the consistency of the tumor.
L. surrounded by connective tissue capsule, growing expansive, slowly, relapses, as a rule, does not.
In Leningrad may be secondary changes: necrosis, a lot of mucus, pus nose melting, calcification.
Described cases of malignancy L. Observed L. dysontogenetic origin.
Clinical symptoms, lipoma depend on its size, the location and nature of secondary changes. Surface L. easy to recognize, deeply located is sometimes difficult. Surgical treatment: removal of the tumor in healthy tissues.