The disability certificate

Sick leave (sick leave, Bulletin) - a document certifying temporary disability workers, employees and collective farmers. The disability certificate is issued upon the occurrence of disability due to illness, an accident at partial disability when TB patients or professional disease transferred to another job (so-called doplatoi the disability certificate); during pregnancy and childbirth; in the quarantine if workers were dismissed from work due to contagious diseases, among others, which was marked contact; to care for the sick; when sending to sanatorium-resort treatment; the abortion.
The disability certificate issued by doctors of medical and sanitary-epidemiological institutions of the health authorities of the USSR and the Medical-sanitary management of Ministry of Railways of the USSR. Doctors institutions other agencies the right to grant sick leave may be granted by the Ministry of health of the USSR or Soviet Republic on agreement with the all. In the self-financing medical institutions, the disability certificate is not issued.
In places of absence of the doctors the right to issue the certificate of incapacity may be provided to the doctor or nurses. Nurse, working in obstetric paragraph, provided with the right of issue of the certificate of incapacity for up to 3 days with the subsequent supervision of a physician.
Sick leave is for workers, employees and collective farmers a document certifying their temporary disability. Sick leave has legal significance, as it gives patient basis for absenteeism, as well as monetary value: on it the social security sick pay benefits. In addition, the disability certificate has an aggregate value as a document of the account of morbidity with temporary loss of ability to work (see Morbidity). At registration of the certificate of incapacity must follow certain rules. In the certificate of incapacity cannot instead of diagnoses to write symptoms, it is impossible to write diagnoses in Latin (they should write or in Russian, or the language of the respective Soviet Republic). It should clearly formulate the final diagnosis, as it serves as a basis for the study of morbidity with temporary disability. In the certificate of incapacity should be clearly marked assigned to the patient mode, the implementation of which can be verified insurance delegate.
The disability certificate is issued only on the day of the establishment of disability; issuance of disability certificate retrospectively or to offset past days prohibited. Every visit to the patients of the hospital to sick leave marks the date of the next visit.
Improper issuance or incorrect filling of the disability certificate shall entail disciplinary or criminal responsibility. Cm. also Disability, Social insurance, Examination.