Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov

Lomonosovthe Great Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov was involved in many scientific problems, in particular the fundamental issues of physics, chemistry, astronomy. His scientific genius marked by a series of remarkable discoveries in these fields of knowledge. He had gone by and such topical issues as health and longevity of man.
"His remarkable research,notes Soviet philosopher G. S. vasetskiy,are important milestone in the development of scientific knowledge... Great historical value brilliant son of Russian people is that he is not only deeply revealed the best features of his people, not only showed what great deeds able genuine representatives, but also largely contributed to the prosperity of the beloved Motherland."
The first scientist-encyclopaedist Russia, he bravely overcame the opposition of the favorites of the Queen (Elizabeth) and in a number of developed projects persistently sought the "action" enlightenment reforms aimed at improving the lives of people, their health and longevity. Special attention Lomonosov paid to the study of harmful customs and prejudices different sides of life, food and life of serfs. In the letter, "On the propagation and preservation of the Russian people," he proved that the health of generations and longevity of people hurting family disagreement, fights and drinking.
Lomonosov understood that the health of a person, his life expectancy is largely dependent on the social causes. But what kind of health and longevity can be a speech when serfdom, when the life of a peasant valued below the cost of pedigree dogs? Preparing the letter, Lomonosov hoped that at least some useful thoughts imbued in state practice. "Therefore each year,writes Lomonosov,will be born half a million, of which three years will die half, or even for our blindness and more, so that every year gets death in part by STU thousand babies up to three years. Do labour and care of our, although to a tenth, or 10 thousand, was the easy ways to save a life?"
Lomonosov requires state measures for the organization of health to be opened "in all cities satisfied with the number of doctors, physicians and pharmacies".
As noted by A. A. Morozov, the famous Explorer of life and creativity of the great scientist, Lomonosov does not reject traditional medicine, which had to settle for a while. "True, " Lomonosov wrote about such traditional healers,- there are many of them who really know to treat some diseases, and especially external, as Konoval and manual therapists, so sometimes scientists and surgeons in some cases exceed, however, it is better to establish (treatment) according to the rules of medical science pillars.
One of the major obstacles to increasing the population was enormous child mortality. And here Lomonosov first time in Russia, speaks about the necessity of wide public measures for the protection of mothers and children. He offers to pay serious attention to the art of midwifery grannies" and publish in Russian a special regulation, collecting pre - "the case of the wise TBAs and asking "every especially and for all, and for this benefit will be made, together judges book", combining it with the guidance on the treatment of children's diseases.
A book about Catherine art Lomonosov not only offers to sell all across the state, but also to send in all the churches, to the priests and literate people could use this teaching illiterate". And besides, Lomonosov offers to force the authority" clergy that it baptized children only warm water to prevent colds. Lomonosov while angrily says that not only in villages, but also in the city are often baptize infants in winter in the cold water, sometimes even with ice.
Lomonosov requires persistently fight povitryani as he Russian calls the epidemic. These measures should be "disgusted coming". In addition to diseases and epidemics scientist draws attention to various other causes loss of population, household and social.
He does not condone the features of backwardness, patriarchalism, wildness feudal country and strongly condemns the manifestations of the darkness and ignorance that are seen at every step. With irritation he describes Church holidays: overeating and binge during the "broad pancake week", the excessive and debilitating posts and unrestrained Easter fun, when there is "scattered different meats pieces, broken dishes, flow spilled drinks... lie without memory aggravated drunkenness and... recent severe pastnieki".
Lomonosov convinced that all these traditions "infringe on the human health", "cool AC power body" damaging to health.
Of course, these ideas in the conditions of the feudal system then Russia were impossible, but a genius Lomonosov, his vision pointed to subsequent generations of physicians right path in research.