Taking subepidermal flap

Subepidermal flap consists of the epidermal layer of tissue that lies on the packages of the sebaceous glands, its thickness varies in cattle and horses within 200-600 MK-dogs - 200-400 MK. When taking the flap is necessary to closely monitor the features that characterize the flow of cut: safety on the cut surface of the graft and the resulting defect pigmentation, dark dots on the ground cut hair follicle (hair), bleeding in the form of separate speakers drops (Fig. 4).

Fig. 4. The scheme thickness of different flaps of skin used for transplants in veterinary practice: 1 - epidermis; 2 - dermis; 3 - subcutaneous fat; 4 - fascia. A - subepidermal flap; B - epidermoidnyi flap; In - flap in the entire thickness of the skin.
a - sebaceous glands; b - sweat glands; in - hair follicle; d is fat tissue; D - sosochkov the dermis layer; e - reticular layer of derma; W - granular layer of the epidermis; C - the Horny layer of the epidermis.
Subepidermal grafts can excise dangerous razor blade safety razors enshrined in the clip Peana or in a special taped, and dermatomes different systems.
During the capture of the flap razors last impose on the skin surface at an angle 5-7, then gentle pressure sawing motions cut off the desired layer of the skin.
When excision flap dermatome system of the plant "red" we usually used the methodology set out in the annexed to the instrument manual. Successful cutting transplant depends largely on the degree of adhesion (fixation) of the skin of the donor area to semi-cylindrical surface dermatome. In animals, the gluing of the skin to the dermatome prevents abundant Department of sweat on donor site after it is processed and procaine anesthesia. In these cases, for drainage of the donor area, we have applied the ether, which is plentifully watered need the skin surface and immediately after drying her glued a dermatome. At the moment of cutting flap assistant periodically watered lying ahead skin with air, which, uletuchivayas, dried skin surface. As a result, we managed to get enough susukuu the surface of the donor area of the skin and its good adhesion to the dermatome.
The resulting wound surface on the site of the dissected flap is usually covered with a delicate scab. To the healing of the educated defect was faster, used liquid Vishnevsky ointment, reversible emulsion sulfanilamidov, ointment Konkova and put gauze adhesive bandage. Usually on the site of the dissected flap through 6-10 days is fully restored epidermis and grow hair.