Advice and love

Let's ask ourselves: why people today are married, what they wish it to find? Motives are almost four needs associated with the desire to have:
- love (in the narrow sense, i.e. the satisfaction of the desires of the body and part of the heart);
- children;
- hearth;
- companion.
These motives of men and women are in different proportions.
In fact, for men in the typical case in the first place is the first of these motives. There are, of course, men, willing to have children or caring mistress in the house, but often the main motive is the desire to possess the woman safely and alone.
For women not so typical single motivation. Today, of course, for the most part without love marriages are not conclude. However, if a woman wants to have children and to raise children difficult one, the woman can go to a marriage under the influence mainly the second motive, unless, of course, are to some extent the third (material support of her husband) and fourth (positive human qualities husband) motives.
Said determines what should be the strategy and tactics of both parties, if they wish to have a happy marriage. The number one task is the mutual aspiration to keep love as desire body and mutual sympathy. You do not need to spare no effort.
The tragedy is that no longer love you, "even scarier when stop loving you" - the song these words are surprisingly accurate.
A man should clearly understand the motives that led to his chosen one to marriage. If the prevailing was the first motive, the interests of both parties fully merged. However, with the advent of children a woman becomes predominant second motive - the maternal instinct. A man should respect him and be with him. The attention given to the woman in the details, household assistance in the difficult period of care for nursing baby - all this will facilitate the preservation of what it would be very painful to lose. Remember Sophocles:
...Why should the husband about the joys of love to cherish the memory. In us the feeling grateful born from the feeling grateful - spouse who Forgot the tenderness of affection, base!
However, a man must be well aware of the existence of cycles of sexual functions of the female body that has impact on changing the attitude of women to sexual intimacy. In the novel Stendhal "Red and black" illustrates this point very bright, albeit in a grotesque form. The hero of the novel his beloved periodically gives fiery night, after almost a month to see him not. Even the most temperamental women these cycles are identified clearly enough. Attentive husband should know this. Then he could even predict the days when the unity of souls and bodies will be the most complete. We must remember also that if a man in the quest for intimacy leading role from the beginning plays the attraction of the body, women are often attracted to a body born from the desire of the mind and the desire of the heart. So attention to the woman he loves, ability to admire the fact that she is beautiful, and to admire sincerely (often quite subtle compliment, which, in the words of C. L. levy, pamper your self-esteem) - all this represents a kind of foreplay, which leads to the generality of the desire physical intimacy. You should remember that women want so close very often develops not immediately.
The issues we are looking at, full of contradictions and very complex. For example, pros and cons are, even if the marriage sexual experience. Some people appreciated the purity of the bride, the other - on the contrary, experience, and even more, proven ability to bear children.
The woman should also remember about the motives which led her lover to marriage. Extreme modesty of the woman as limiting the absence of shame, - that, and the other may in some cases be cool man, in other to maintain and develop his passion. Then his chosen one woman should know and be able to manage them. Representatives of the modern civilization is only now comprehend the art of love - for the most part independently in intimate Union of two people. This is evidenced by the survey, conducted by the American sexological Institute, the data it gives in his book, A. M. Svyadosch. The survey showed that women behave in the sphere of sexual life more. So, to change the posture during intercourse and active position from top to women born before 1900 resorted to 35 %, while those born after 1920 for the 52 %from 29 to 52 % increase in the number of women using oral genital irritation partner - erotic reception, the French name is Ilya Erenburg, atomically at the early stages of creation, was chosen as the name for grisetti Zizi in his first, sharply satirical novel "Julio Jurenito".
A woman who wants to retain the affection of his wife, should understand how big role in the lives of men playing intimacy, not to judge in this regard and it is to be able to stand in the place of another. Of course, one man strife. One of the closeness you need every day, though sometimes more than once a day. Another need it once a month. However, and in that and in other case, this is cemented marriage.
The average frequency of sexual intercourse in marriage is 2-4 times a week, i.e. mainly through the day. The duration of intercourse also sometimes different - an average of 5-6 minutes. In youth it is less, at a Mature age, with ischemia relations, it increases.
Of particular importance, what has to male body compelling need for satisfaction of sexual feelings, is the source of widespread in adolescence and youth of Masturbation. The opinion of the harmful influence on health of the younger man. To clearly say so would be a mistake. Of course, when excessive abuse, as with excessively intense sex life, may be undesirable phenomena - remember the novel "Genius" So the Dreiser. However, to intimidate young men should not be. At some stage, everyone goes through it.
One scientist said that out of 100 men 99 admit that in his youth sinned masturbate, and hundredth hide the truth. Another expert added that if someone asserts that never was engaged in Masturbation, it means that he was doing it even now.
Not too Frank began our conversation? The private life of the people is therefore called intimate that it is a sacrament, which should not widely to lift the veil. However, to be completely ignorant regarding this sacrament is also impossible, otherwise we, as they say, you can commit follies where with a little bit of literacy would not have any troubles. In one play Bernard Shaw old aboriginal spoke arrived on the island civilized Europeans that white people have learned to hurl at a distance of death, to build a giant fire-breathing boat, it's great to play ball, but absolutely do not know how and do not teach their children to make their own kind.
Indeed, ancient India did not know the wonders of modern science and technological progress. However, in the science of love she tried to give generalizations and canons, which people had to use for their own benefit. We will not go as far as ancient, but not going to go too far, making the shield of good conduct in the shield of ignorance!