Radiation myelitis

Radiation myelitis can develop in radiation therapy of cancer of the larynx, pharynx, esophagus, metastases seminomy in the retroperitoneal lymph nodes and other cases, when a maximum dose (3500 happy and more) is included spinal cord. Clinical symptoms are detected later 6-24 months. after irradiation. Depending on the area of lesion of the spinal cord are affected limb in the form of one or more bilateral parestesia, disorders of superficial and deep sensitivity increases reflexes and appearances pathologic reflexes, konusov and paraplegia. Symptoms increasing gradually. The lesion level corresponds irradiated segment. Histological examination revealed sclerosis and obliteration of the vessels of the exposed part of the brain and the destruction of the parenchyma of the brain. The duration of life after evolved paraplegia different from 2-4 months. to 6-7 years. Treatment of symptomatic.