Radiation damage in forensic against

In cases of General or local radiation lesions before a judicial-medical examination may be given a number of issues whose resolution is essential to bodies of inquiry and investigation. The main ones are: does testify health disorder; if so, whether it is the influence of ionizing radiation; what physical characteristics of radiation; what is the dose of energy absorbed the whole body or its separate parts; when there was irradiation; what is the degree of damage to health; what changes in health status (due to irradiation) can be expected in the future.
Victims are subjected to detailed forensic medical examination and are under surveillance during clinical examination and treatment, usually in a hospital.
Objects forensic medical examination are likely to be those who become disabled due to ionizing radiation. Forensic medical examination of the local radiation damage is done sometimes in cases of criminal cases in the determination of professional competence of radiologists and the correctness of their treatment.

Control questions.
1. What is the cause of acute radiation sickness?
2. Describe the pathogenesis of acute radiation sickness.
3. What are the main pathological changes in the internal organs in acute radiation sickness.
4. Describe the main symptoms of chronic radiation sickness.
5. What are characterized by local radiation injuries?