Radiation damage of kidneys

Radiation damage to the kidneys can occur as a complication of radiation therapy at the irradiation of the kidney. There are acute and chronic radiation nephritis, the initial stage of hypertension and malignant hypertension renal etiology.
Clinically radiation injuries manifest themselves as chronic or acute nephritis (see) no radiation origin.
Radiation injuries occur, as a rule, only at the irradiation of the kidney in doses of about 4000 R and more. For two-sided irradiation of the kidney area of radiation nephritis may develop at doses less :2000, but for him in these cases is usually benign. Radiation therapy for P. in doses 2000-3000 R can cause renal hypertension and long-term irreversible fibrotic changes (see Nephrosclerosis). Some authors have observed loss of function P. after exposure in doses of the order of 1000 roubles Provides information should alert the doctors performing the irradiation of the kidney with therapeutic purposes, especially when used for medicinal purposes radiation of high energies (see Radiation therapy, charged particle Accelerators). During treatment requires regular blood and urine of patients, blood pressure measurement.