Radiation damage of kidneys

Radiation damage kidneys (radiation nephritis) develop the irradiation of both kidneys in doses exceeding 2500 happy. The defeat of one kidney can proceed without the expressed clinical picture and be detected using radioisotope diagnostics (see). Bilateral lesion is manifested by symptoms of nephritis or hypertension. Acute radiation nephritis develops within a few weeks after exposure. The main symptoms are rapidly increasing swelling, headaches, vomiting, heart failure, anuria. Found in the urine protein, erythrocytes, leukocytes, cell renal epithelium. In blood is increased, the amount of residual nitrogen. Heavy state lasts about 4-b mon, after which there may come an improvement, however, the symptoms of chronic nephritis remain. Chronic radiation nephritis develops after 8 to 9 months. after irradiation and clinically expressed hypertension, anemia, albuminuria, raising urea in the blood.