Lumbago (lumbodynia, "the cross") - is characterized by acute emerging pain in the lumbar region. Pain depend on the involvement in the process of the muscles, ligaments of the spine, the back of the branches of spinal nerves. Causes of back pain are physical overstrain, cooling. When lumbago, there are phenomena of myositis and fibromyositis, sometimes bleeding in the muscle, the breakdown of muscle fibers. The disease develops suddenly. If any change in provisions (tilt, rotation, and so on) there is an acute pain in the lower back, which is impossible to straighten up, to move. Pain worse with coughing, sneezing. The duration of the disease is usually small (2-3 weeks).
Treatment is analgesics, massage with warm-up rubbing (finalgon, Dolbik, nikoflex), physiotherapeutic procedures.