The position of the nucleus pulposus in the intervertebral disk: left - normal; on the right, squeezing it and infringement. 1 - intervertebral cartilage, or drive; 2 - fibrous ring; 3 - the pulpous nucleus.

Back pain (lumbago) - a sharp pain that occurs in the lumbar region, often after the lifting heavy. The reason lumbago can be not only a sprain of ligaments vertebrae, but also infringement of one of the lumbar short roots of the spinal cord by osteophytes with osteochondrosis of the spine or squeezing the nucleus pulposus into the spinal canal with sdavlennoy root of the spinal cord (see figure). In many cases, provoking factor may be cold. Osteochondrosis of the spine develops as a result of aging, wear intervertebral cartilages: they lose moisture, crack and bulge as on the front and on the back of the vertebrae. Osteochondrosis, however, can also occur in young people or transferred by them earlier traumas of a backbone, or in connection with defects of the intervertebral cartilages. When lumbago sick, bent, can not straighten up because of sharp pain.
Any movement that does not relieve the spine from the strangulation, very painful. Every patient finds himself posture, in which the pain slightly fades. This may be lying on your side, stomach, in the knee-elbow position and other Acute pain may last a few minutes, hours or days. When a patient begins to get up, he's got some time may be scoliosis (curvature of the spine), caused protective analgesic response, the desire of the patient to loosen compression of osteophytes nerve root or decrease the tension of nerve.
Treatment. Day after consultation of the doctor-neurologist to stretching of the spine half an hour or more on a specially designed sliding beds with fixation of the shoulder girdle and suspension of cargo to the feet.
In addition, you should use anti-neuralgic tools [good effect gives the combination of 0.3 g amidopirina (piramidon), 0.15 g amytal sodium, 0,015 grams of codeine and 0.05 grams of caffeine, 1 powder 2 times daily], massage, exercise therapy, mustard on the waist, the erythemal dose of quartz, paraffin, ozokerite, hot sand in the bags, intradermal novocaine blockade in the lumbar region, to education "lemon peel", which takes approximately 25 ml of 0.25% solution novokaina (see Anesthesia).
To prevent lumbago recommended morning physical exercises; when osteochondrosis lift weights, to protect the lower back from injury.

Back pain (lumbago; from lat. lumbus - waist; synonym lumbago)- suddenly developing acute pain in the lumbar muscles, lumbo-dorsal fascia. The disease occurs mainly in people engaged in hard physical labor overvoltage (fatigue) lumbar muscles and hypothermia. Sometimes the cause of back pain are acute and chronic infections, for which muscle bundles swell and become painful at the slightest pressure, especially when stretching.
Pathomorphological observed phenomena fibromyositis, bleeding in the muscle, the breakdown of muscle bundles, tendons, the growth of connective tissue.
Some authors refer L. to acute form of dischargee caused by osteochondrosis and intervertebral disks. In their view, the primary change in the fibrous ring of intervertebral disk and the initial phase of protrusion of the nucleus pulposus clinically consistent lumbar shot. Observed in this reflex muscle contractures and sympathalgia arise in connection with irritation endings of the sympathetic return nerve, control of intervertebral disk and posterior longitudinal ligament. Doctor of historical Sciences, Shaburov believes that back pain can be caused by inflammatory and degenerative changes in the spine and his ligaments.
Lumbago usually begins suddenly, shortly after physical stress or hypothermia, with sharp shooting pains in the back, chilling in it the slightest movement; the patient can not bend and unbend, sometimes falls down in pain. In some cases, back pain develops in a few days and gradually increasing, take the nature of the shot. Pain worse with a slight change of position of a body, in light of active movements, and various types of stresses (coughing, sneezing, natureline and so on). Alone they calm down or even disappear. The position of the patient involuntary: the body tilted forward. Movement is severely limited and painful. Particularly difficult getting up from a lying or sitting position, it can only be done by means of secondary methods (Fig). In the most severe cases there is a compensatory scoliosis which is convex in the healthy side. Lumbar muscles thickened, tense and sealed. Quite often felt tight and very painful nodules (traces of hemorrhage or sections of modified muscle tissue).
Pain-type shots can be associated with the so-called osteoporosis (degenerative changes in the joints of fibrous tissue from the bone ribs vertebrae). Changes can be not only in the joints of the annulus and regional borders of the vertebra, but also in the ligaments and muscles and tendons in the spine.
Often when L. acute back pain can move down to the area of the sacral plexus and the sciatic nerve. Possible relapse. Lumbago lasts for several days, but not more than 2 to 3 weeks.
Treatment. Use dry heat - Solux, hot iron, a bag of hot sand, light baths, banks, mustard. Recommended subcutaneous injections of Novocain (Novocaini 0,2, Sol. Natrii chlorati 0,89%-20,0, Sol. Adrenalini hydrochlorici 0,1 % gtt X, twice daily subcutaneously in the lumbar region) or intradermal injection of 0.5-1% solution novokaina on Astvatsaturova in 20 - 30 ml again in 3-4 days. Analgesic effect is prolonged anesthetic ointments and salicylic acid preparations (for example, Methylum salicylicum per se) and in combination with menthol or other means (for example, Methyli salicylici, Chloroformii, 01. Hyosciami equally), as well as physiotherapy: Bernard currents, ultraviolet irradiation, diathermy, ionization with novocaine, lithium, iodine. Further shows massage and medical gymnastics, Spa treatment (Matsesta hydrogen sulphide and radon baths).
It is necessary to avoid physical strain, stay in damp and cold conditions. With frequent relapses associated with heavy physical work, we recommend switching to lighter work, hygienic gymnastics, rehabilitation of chronic foci of infection in the body.

Get up from sitting position in lumbago (on HP Minoru).