The Chandelier Of The Chizhevskogo

The article describes the advantages of the ionizers of air and favourable curative effect on the human body.

Medicine found that the beneficial work of body cells necessary ionized air.
A.L. Chizhevsky, in its time, proved to the world as the body needs ionized air as he held his experience with mice. To solve this problem was invented aeroionizator, which became better known to the world as the Chandelier of Chizhevskogo. Red blood cells absorb negative ions, which the person receives with the air and thus, normalize metabolic processes.

In the basis of the chandelier Chizhevskogo has 2 element is the multiplier and voltage electrode, which ionizes the air. This is a device with sharp points that are out, and with which there is a flow of electrons. When enabled, the chandeliers in the network, the voltage is increased to 100 thousand volts, then it goes to the rectifier, and had subsequently left only negative impulses. For the creation of a powerful electrostatic field corresponds to the negative voltage.
This chandelier quickens the air in the house, and also cleaning of air polluting its dust and microorganisms. Chandelier Chizhevskogo promotes treatment of many diseases, increasing working capacity, strengthens the immune system. It normalizes the respiratory metabolism, removes the problem with blood pressure.

Chizhevsky in due time proved that the air in the room where at the same time there are many people and equipment, becomes dead, in other words, deionizada. In such an atmosphere often in people, headache, difficulty breathing, reduced attention.
Chizhevsky with his disciples and followers believed that disease in humans begin when the cells of the patient's body is reduced electric charge. To normalize the electrical charge of the cells can fix ionizer, specifically air ions of oxygen. They can function as biocatalysts. But you should know that constantly to saturate the body air ions is impossible, because the body only from time to time needs ionization. If you use the device permanently, suitable special bipolar ionizer, which generates particles of both polarities at the right proportions and concentration. This is the newest device that eliminates all the shortcomings Chandelier Chizhevskogo. And their is a lot - this is its complexity, ozone, strong electromagnetic fields, darkened walls. At the same time, in addition to the advantages, its main function is the revival of the air, stored.