Giardiasis in athletes

The value of giardiasis in diseases of liver and biliary tracts in sports and medical practice often underestimated. Meanwhile, in the group of diseases of the digestive system in athletes he is from 5.2 %to 14%. The mechanism of action of Giardia in biliary tract is the absence of organism and the development of inflammatory changes in the gallbladder, bile stasis, the emergence of intoxication. The transition gamblingsites in the disease in athletes contribute to fatigue, stress, hypovitaminosis, leading to the weakening of the body, as well as errors in diet, such as preferential consumption of carbohydrates. Research conducted N. Century Elistano (1984)have shown that the clinical picture of lambliosis dominated by the common symptoms of functional disorders of nervous system, changes of cardiovascular system (pain in the heart, unstable blood pressure, heartbeat)toksikoallergicheskie manifestations (arthralgia, fever, reasonable eosinophilia, rarely skin itch). This common symptoms often leads to the erroneous diagnosis of penetranions" long and unsuccessful treatment. Possible revaluation of detection of Giardia, and withdrawal from correct diagnosis. Treatment of lambliosis in athletes usual. Prevention requires special attention to the observance of rules of personal hygiene (the"disease of dirty hands"). It is mandatory examination of stool for giardiasis in athletes, who have been in contact with infected. Antiparasitic treatment usually leads to recovery. Admission to the resumption of sporting activity depends on the time of disappearance common symptoms and condition of the digestive system.