Lidaza (Lydasa; synonym: Hyaluronidasum and others) is a drug that contains the enzyme hyaluronidase; derived from the testes of cattle. Apply for contractures of joints, scars, bruises, ankylosing spondylitis, scleroderma and other Injected near the site of the damage subcutaneously or directly beneath the scars of 0.1 g daily for 6-15 days, dissolving the contents sealed in 1 or 0.5% solution novokaina directly ahead of introduction. When keratitis and thinner scarring of the cornea buried in the eyes of 0.1% solution. Lidaza contraindicated in tumors, tuberculosis, infectious diseases. Released in ampoules 0.1 g of dry substance. Cm. also Hyaluronidase Enzyme preparations.

Lidaza (Lydasa) - preparation containing hyaluronidase, obtained from the testes of cattle. Similar foreign medicines "Hyasa", "Hyaluronidasum". Used when hematomas, arthrosis and arthritis, joint contractures, tendovaginitis, keloid scars, scleroderma, and also to accelerate the absorption of injected subcutaneously medicinal substances. Contraindicated in malignant tumors, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. Hyaluronidase is administered to patients subcutaneously, preliminary the contents of sealed dissolved in 1 ml of 0.5% solution novokaina. The course of treatment consists of 6-8 injection (for a number of diseases 12-15); break between courses 4-6 weeks. The release form: capsules-0.1 g of dry substance (active in 64 and 128 UNITS).