Can there be love at first sight?

Asked by many. One"- with doubt, others with confidence, others with irony. Who is right? And what can you advise young people on this issue. We cannot deny the fact that the feeling may occur unexpectedly, suddenly. People met by chance. Liked each other. And loved. What's special? This happens. But the success of such acquaintance depends on many factors, primarily on the ability encountered by chance people nicely to be friends, not offending the dignity of each other. A chance meeting is only the beginning of a relationship. More importantly, how will they develop, will the young people to respect each other, to keep chaste relationship. Casually met a person may be completely different from what seemed the first time. In order to know it takes time. You need to know who his friends are, where he lives, where he works. This information will give some idea about it. But life is not always so. Here, for example, that tells nineteen Shem N. my love at first sight: "we Met by accident. Fell in love, Soon decided to get married. In the registry office asked me what name I want to take a new, husband, or old, his. I looked at Volodya and only then thought that, apart from his name, I know nothing about it. And I said, "Volodya, and what's your last name?". Workers of the Bureau of the civil registry office laughed. We lived awful. My husband was a terrible character - coarse, cruel, petty. Coming to our family, he began to insult all my relatives and me. Started getting drunk. And soon I cried at the time of the scandal: "You think I need you? I propiska needed here, understand?". So I realized what a casual acquaintance. Two months later we parted. And so, after six months I got to know and love, and her spikes in family life, and its severe consequences of divorce. Now I'm afraid someone to meet, all I am afraid, I do not believe anyone. Truly it is said: "once Burned, twice blow on the water."
Isn't it, very sorry for the girl who has 19 years old so poorly formed family life. Fortunately, it is not always so. Sometimes casual acquaintance, developing properly after the first meeting, is successful. "Seeing her (the wife) for the first time in the tram, I thought, the bot. the man that I need. Very much I liked it. We got acquainted. Friends and soon married. And now happy, do not regret that married "Skorospelka"".
And all the same! Better if your children will have less chance meetings, if they are serious, thoughtful choose friends. If they will seek to preserve his honor and dignity in the name of the future of the family, they will create.
So, love at first sight is not excluded. However, a sudden, this feeling must be tested and fixed and time, and difficulties in life, and respect to each other in different situations. The better young people will know each other, the more they will have opportunities to create strong and healthy family.