Mak-Com environment

Mak-Com environment (A. T. Mac Conkey) - differential diagnostic environment used to detect and highlight bruchkomitsky, partypany and dysentery bacteria from different materials. Recommended also for counting the number of coliform bacteria in water, milk and other food products. Agar Mac-Com has the following composition: agar-agar 1,5%, peptone 2%, lactose 1%, salt 0.5 percent, Toxicological (or Turkological) sodium 0,5%; as an indicator used neutral red (0,25 - 1%), crystal violet (0,0001%); pH equal to 7.1. Wednesday sterilized 15 minutes at 120 degrees. Replacement of natural bile bile acids stabilize the environment. Cooked environment poured into a sterile Petri dishes 20-25 ml and before sowing dry. Bruchkomitsky, protivosemnye and dysentery bacteria, not corrupting lactose, do not change the colors of the environment, so their colonies colorless and transparent. The colony of E. coli on agar Mac-Com bright red color.
For detection in water and milk Escherichia coli Mac-Com proposed a nutrient broth of the following composition: peptone 2%, lactose 1%, Toxicological (or Turkological) sodium 0.5 percent, bromine-crisologo red 0,001%; pH = 7,3. Wednesday sterilized 15 minutes at 120 and poured into vials of 10 ml Ready environment has a light purple. With the growth of Escherichia coli color environment is changed to yellow. Cm. also Differential diagnostic environment.