Maceration - wet softening, loosening of the tissues of animals or plants due to the soaking liquid. There maceration of living tissues (in soles, palms) with prolonged contact with water ("bath leather, leather cleaners").
Character and localization of maceration tissues of the corpse matter for forensic medical examination. Maceration can occur if the corpse for a long time (not less than 2-5 days) is in the water or amniotic fluid (in utero death of the fetus). The dead tissue to swell, and softened. The skin thickens, becomes wrinkled and white, gradually losing the connection with the subject cloth, exfoliate the epidermis (the"gloves of death"). Maceration of the corpse complicated by rot (see).
Materialnie is one of methods of preparation of anatomical and histological preparations.

Maceration (from lat. maceratio - softening, maceration) - maceration, softening, loosening of the tissues of animals or plants. The tissues of the animal organism can materiaalse both during life and after death. In medical practice, maceration of the skin occurs in persons of a certain profession due to the systematic and long stay in the hands or feet in the water (leather cleaners, "bath" skin). Features Feet of a corpse have a value in the forensic medical examination. Intrauterine lost the fruit materials under the influence of the amniotic fluid (the so-called materialmany fruit). M. exposed and the corpse fell into the water. His epidermis weeping, and therefore the skin swells, thickens, wrinkled, discolored, becomes whitish, chalk color.
Maceration process begins with the ledges of the epidermis (outer soles, palms). The epidermis becomes disconnected from the underlying tissue and leaves layers. The speed of maceration is largely dependent on the temperature of the water. The severity M allows to judge about the duration of stay of a corpse in the water. M. corpse in the water, unlike intrauterine M dead fetus, as a rule, is accompanied by decay.
Materialnie as a method of preparation of anatomical preparations (nerves, bones, and other) used in morphology. Histology apply this method for the establishment of cell shape and clarify the relationship between them.