Macrocephaly, megalocephaly [macrocephalia, megalocephalia, from the Greek. inakros (megas) - big and kephale - head; synonym: macrocephaly, microencephaly] - proportional increase of the brain without head dropsy, which may be asymptomatic, but always with mental retardations.
The appearance of the brain in macrocephaly usually not very different from normal. Cerebrospinal fluid examination at the monastery does not detect pathological changes, pressure normal. The head shape is usually normal, no bumps and overhanging frontal bones, characteristic of hydrocephalus. Big spring closes late, often it is wide open, but will not wybodaeth.
M may be congenital, but can also occur after birth, reason unknown.
Prognosis in severe macrocephaly in most cases bad. Death occurs very quickly or even suddenly, often in connection with acute febrile infectious disease. Symptoms prior to death, most of the patients are expressed in headache, loss of consciousness due to high temperature, more or less expressed General klonico-tonic convulsions, non-meningeal phenomena without pathological changes in the spinal fluid in the occurrence of collapse. The described symptoms suggests that the cause of death is swelling of the brain and the sharp increase in intracranial pressure. Treatment and prevention of macrocephaly unknown.