Maiocchi disease

Maiocchi disease [D. Majocchi; annular teleangiectasia purpura (purpura annularis teleangiectodes)] is a relatively rare gemorragicescom-pigmented skin.
The etiology is unknown. Possible impact of infectious factors (tuberculosis, chronic tonsillitis), gastro-intestinal intoxication, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, gout. In the pathogenesis are set to change capillary endothelium and raising them in hydrostatic pressure. Capillary fragility, as a rule, is not increased. Permissive factor can be a trauma (pressure, friction service).
In the development of the disease, Majocchi there are three stages: telangiectasia, gemorragicescom-pigment and atrophy. Stage of telangiectasia is characterized by the occurrence around hair follicles are grouped by the size of the dot until lentils (0.5 cm) bright red spots caused by the expansion of capillaries and the formation of tiny hemorrhages (when pressed spots are completely not discolor). Gemorragicescom-pigment stage is dominated point hemorrhages. Lesions increase (as a result eccentric growth and mergers) and simultaneously resolved (in the centre), by purchasing the form of full or open a ring in diameter of a few centimetres. In the stage of atrophy of the skin becomes pale yellow color, is brilliant, sometimes thin, holes smoothed the hair follicles.
Defeat in the form of one or more lesions localized primarily on the lower extremities, and rarely on the buttocks, the back; sometimes the process takes widespread.
The disease of Maiocchi usually lasts from several months to several years, gradually resolved; possible subacute period. Any sensations in the centers of defeat to note it is not possible.
The disease affects primarily young men.
The General condition of patients do not usually suffer symptoms of hemorrhagic phenomena of the internal organs is not observed, can detect vascular dystonia (hypotonia). The content agamoglanov iron in the serum of normal, occasionally reveals the hidden coagulopathies. Some authors consider the disease, Majocchi along with the disease Samberg, purporse-pigment lichenoides angiogram and essentialpedagogy purpura as a clinical variant of the same disease.
Histologically observed the formation of capillaries in the papillary layer, swelling and enlargement, diapedes of red blood cells, proliferation of endothelial hemosiderin deposition in the interstitial substance. Capillaroscopic found aneurysmal expansion of capillary loops, disruption of blood flow.
The forecast is favorable.
Treatment General in accordance with the survey data. Symptomatically - Antihemorrhagics tools: calcium supplements, vitamins C, P, K. Topically for limited forms of the disease, Majocchi recommended repeated application of carbonic acid snow, irrigation chloroethyl, ointments with corticosteroids.
Cm. also Gemosideros skin.