Pasta - food productsproduced from wheat dough. Usually for cooking pasta use of hard wheat varieties, especially protein-rich. To pasta include pasta, Roni, vermicelli, noodles, figured products. In addition to wheat flour, part of pasta with eggs, soya meal, vitamins. Macaroni products are of high digestibility, good taste, ability is long to be stored without loss of taste and nutritional properties, fast razvarivaemost.
The chemical composition of macaroni products depends mainly of flour from which they cooked: carbohydrates make up to 70-75%, proteins - 9 - 13%. fats to 1%. Energy value per 100 g of pasta average of 336 calories. In macaroni products contain vitamins, mineral substances (potassium - 138,0 mg%; calcium is 34.0 mg%; magnesium - 33,0 mg%; phosphorus - 97,0 mg%; iron - 1.5 mg%).
In the study of pasta define their appearance, smell, taste (dry and welded), humidity, pH, infection barn pests. The presence of metalloprokata in pasta is not allowed.
Of great importance to determine the quality of pasta has a trial cooking, which defines the taste, smell, and razvarivaemost. Pasta, cooked until ready, should increase in the amount of not less than 2 times.
Keep pasta should in a dry ventilated room, without sharp fluctuations of air temperature. No Pets joint storage of pasta and products with a sharp smell.

Pasta - foods produced from wheat dough. Part of macaroni products includes pasta, lasagne (the so-called tubular products), vermicelli, noodles, figured products, soup filling and others In production are the highest grade flour, mainly from hard wheat, protein-rich. To improve the nutritional value and taste M. I. add eggs, whole egg, egg yolks, soya meal, vitamins, etc.
Macaroni products are of good taste and high nutritional value and digestibility (proteins 85%, carbohydrates 96%), duration, easy to seethe. The chemical composition of M. I. determined by the raw material, i.e. flour: the majority of carbohydrates - 75% (including up to 70% starch, proteins - 11-13%, vitamins (thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin). Mineral substances (K, CA, P, and others) are significantly fewer than in the grain and flour lower grades. Soy flour used for the enrichment of some varieties M. I., significantly increases their vitamin and mineral content, and the content of lysine.
The quality of pasta determine is out of line. Pasta should have the correct form of tubes with the curves and curvatures are allowed only in the second grade, color products must be plain, the surface is smooth, break the pasta should be vitreous (valid only fine powdery bezel); the presence of insects is unacceptable. Crucial to determining the quality has trial cooking products (GOST 875-51, which defines the taste, smell, and razvarivaemost: pasta, cooked until ready, should increase in the amount of not less than 2 times.