• Girls
  • And the boys? How to be with them? What to pay particular attention in their education? Bringing up the young generation, we are obliged to care about the education of moral purity, chastity and dignity of both girls and boys, and on how to prepare healthy full and honest life. Needless to prove that, marrying, and the boy and girl should equally to bring each other clean, virgin of feelings, grace relations? Why the requirement to be morally clean, refer only to the girls? And a teenage boy no less in need of the education for chastity, sensitivity, tact against girls" Given the nature of sex, which is generously endowed by nature - strength, endurance, courage, virility, you must skillfully to send these qualities on a good, useful things, which would manifest the respect of women sexes are of various ages to the grandmother, mother, sister, friend, beloved, etc. Otherwise the force of a teenager will be manifested in the pestilence, plagues grandmother, actions upset mother, in actions that offend the girl.
    The man is the father should be able to influence teenage son. He can tell him about the noble sense of male power, to the sublime manifestation of power and feelings towards a woman, about the beauty of noble deeds.
    But to tell you - this is not the main thing is in the correct display of what to tell you.
    "Educational work, " said M. I. Kalinin,is one of the most difficult works, because it is connected with the personal behaviour of the teacher. If he, for example, will fight against vodka, and he will drink, it will not work. If he calls for discipline, and as he constantly violated, it is clear that such an appeal would be little effective". The father in the family has a special, man's influence on her son only in the case if he is close with him, always attentive to him, and together with those involved with chores around the house, apartment cleaning, repairing things, polishing the floor and others; this is a good idea to divide responsibilities so that each was responsible for his / her own work. There may also be a good mutual control and mutual assistance, competition. Father and son can not only work together. They with success can make traditional joint walk in the forest, skiing, Hiking, theatre and other
    Constant communication will lead to spiritual rapprochement of the two men - adult and younger, and will help the latter to grow a real man.
    Adolescent boys, in contrast to the girls, often cautious about their looks, sloppy, sloppy. This carelessness in the toilet can persist for years, if not to pay attention to it even now. Moreover manners, gestures teenagers sometimes differ sharpness, inelegance, swagger. Not ignore it or to explain all male origin", as some fathers,is to avoid the risk to prepare for the future is not enough cultural, bad-mannered person. The boy teenage need to be brought up already now the ability to hold back, to control their movements, lead, sometimes unbridled desires. Especially these qualities are necessary in dealing with girls more fragile, gentle, sensitive to everything. The ability to understand a girl, keep her from vulgarity, respect them and be friends with her, not just happen. This ability, to be a man - strong, smart and at the same time, helpful and gentle, should be brought up from childhood. If you did not, other will do, but how?
    Parents, especially fathers, must take the upbringing of the future men in their hands and vigilantly watch his every deed, good or bad. You cannot forgive his son for the slightest cynical word, not even the most innocuous at first glance, bestestest against women; each time his nefarious deed, ugly gesture, a word must be strictly condemn and punish.