Beware of the dragon century - immobility

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Our contemporary academician N. M. Amosov writes: "The great reserves, which have programmed nature in man, programmed into us very cleverly. Reserves exist only as long as people maximise their uses, trains. And once the exercise is stopped, the reserves are melting. It has long been known. Try to put healthy person in a month in bed so that he never got up, get disabled, ezuchevskogo to walk. Two weeks will be required to put him on his feet and relieve the terrible heartbeat".
Unfortunately, we sometimes do not realize how much greater role in our lives is muscle activity. In lectures, discussions, doctors, scientists urge us to motor activity, call it the most important factor in the prevention of many diseases (atherosclerosis, hypertension, myocardial infarction), but these slogans, exhortations somehow pass by us without hurting us, as it says, "for a living". Meanwhile, today it is already possible not only with absolute certainty, but scientifically prove that "the movement is life". Experimental studies have shown that prolonged restriction of physical activity in animals leads to a sharp change of a whole range of physiological parameters, the breakdown of muscle fibers and heart damage, which suffers in the first place, as is deprived of his top lieutenants. Until relatively recently, when such a heavy disease, as myocardial infarction, lasting peace was considered one of the major therapeutic interventions. Now in the treatment of heart attack strive to combine rest with a certain dose of physical activity. Science has accumulated a sufficient number of facts in order to understand how inaction, peace harmful to all living things.
But in the age of scientific and technological revolution sharply reduced the number of movements of the person. Apartments with all amenities, a spacious halls with remote automatic control on the production, a wide network of public transport - all this is necessary today. Without this it is difficult to imagine modern man, but to use this must be so as not to harm their health.
Some people spend watching TV all leisure hours, instead, to allow time for communication with nature, Hiking or just walking in the fresh air.
In laboratories of research institutes years last complicated experiments that require huge costs of public funds, reveal causes a variety of diseases, premature aging of the man who could (has long been known to live up to 100-150 years while maintaining almost normal for all major functions of the organism, if moving, doing physical exercises. But for some reason we, on the contrary, tend to immobility. Why?
Most likely the root of the evil lies first of all in recognizing the harmful effects of hypokinesia or inactivity (these words indicate a reduced motor activity and reduction of Power: Hypo - lowering, kines - movement, dynamis - force).
In the long process of biological evolution all organs and systems of the human organism has adapted to active movement regime. People have inherited from their ancestors the need to move, to make thousands of different motor reactions - facing danger, getting food and manifestation of joyful emotions, excitement, sadness. But, as aptly noted N. M. Amosov, people still have inherited and the other is a pleasure to relax... "Any wild animal is always obsessed with the need to relax. In man the pleasure of relaxation is also presented. Civilization deprived him of the need to strain, so he is not strained. He even coached it is the pleasure of relaxation. Such trained the pleasure of relaxation there is nothing like education laziness".
Experimental studies on animals show which sometimes irreversible processes proceed in a long time in a state of immobility muscle tissue, blood vessels and capillaries. Basically in the past, where the constant exchange of nutrients to the blood. With long-term limitation of mobility they sopostavit, zadayutsya, the movement of blood in them almost stopped, and the surrounding them on this site muscle fibers reborn so that in the future any physical activity becomes impossible for them. This Trofimovna muscle (which is losing physiological and morphological properties) subsequently is unable to perform the necessary work. Sometimes a long time deep structural changes of the pathological nature of the muscle looks almost not noticeable. Because they can be seen only with the help of a number of optical devices, including electronic microscope, allowing to receive the increase of the object in the tens of thousands of times.
In experiments on animals found that heart suffers when hypokinesia not less. Broken rhythm of the activity, modification of thin structure. In conditions of long hypokinesia heart with a vengeance forced yourself to pump blood into the system of arteries and veins, while the auxiliary system of the muscle pump is switched off completely.